Two races. One epic weekend.

“Runners are crazy.” Chances are if you’re a runner you’ve heard that more times than you can count. I took my level of crazy to a whole new level (at least in my world) over the weekend.

I’ve completed a marathon…on a fairly flat course with a downhill profile. I’ve run back to back races…a 5k followed by a half marathon. This weekend I had a temporary lapse in sanity and agreed to run a half on Saturday followed by a half on Sunday. I also did this knowing that both courses were pretty tough, both involving hills, and one of those was in San Francisco. For those of you in the area you know what those SF hills are all about. If you aren’t so familiar with the area…well…they’re…um…fun? Haha!

Knowing what I was getting myself into my running partner and I decided to just take things slow, forget about pace, and just enjoy the view! What an excellent decision that was. Both courses involved great scenery, but unfortunately most of the ocean views in SF were covered by fog so early in the day.

So here we go. Saturday, half marathon #1, was the Folsom Blues half in the lovely Folsom, CA. The start line was located just above Folsom Prison (as the race is an excellent tribute to Mr. Johnny Cash) and wound it’s way onto the bike path, looped around Lake Natoma (which is where I first started running back in the day), and finished just before Sutter Street in Old Folsom. The hills on this course weren’t too bad…mostly small, rolling hills, but they take quite the toll on your legs nonetheless.

After half marathon #1 on Saturday

Right after the race we hightailed it home for quick showers then were headed off to one of my favorite places…San Francisco, CA for half marathon #2…the Nike Women’s Half.


Thankfully Nike offered early packet pickup the weekend before here in Sacramento, so we didn’t have to worry about making it to the expo in time. We made it to the city before the expo closed though, so we decided to go check it out and see what was going on. Pretty much the only exciting thing happening was the fact the Nike store in Union Square had all the names of each runner on it’s front window. We spotted our names and called it a day.

Sunday morning was a wake up call of 4 am, and we were headed to the start line. This race has been on my bucket list for awhile, so I was pretty darn excited it was finally happening. The race started in Union Square then wound it’s way around, through Golden Gate Park, up to the Golden Gate Bridge overlook area (that big hill!), and along the Presidio area into the finish. Afterwards we were greeted with little blue boxes from Tiffany’s and firefighters all fancied up in their suits and ties. We posed for a few photos along the course as well as with our firefighter (duh), but I won’t bore you with a million photos. If you want to see keep scrolling down, otherwise feel free to exit this post now. Haha!

All in all I’m very glad I decided to run both races. My legs were tired for Sunday’s race, but slowing down and just enjoying the race reminded me exactly why I love to run. And if you want to know my answer to that question of why I run? Well it’s just as simple an answer as the question…
because i can
Because I can 🙂

nwhm collage

Nike Women’s finisher necklace

nwhm start
At the start line, bright and early!

finishline shenanigans
“Will you be my beloved lifelong running partner?” Ha!

What did you do this weekend?


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