It’s all about perspective.

I ran across the post below on a Facebook page I follow earlier today. After the way my marathon attempt ended on Sunday it was a refreshing thing to read, so I wanted to share it with others.


I never looked at Sunday as a failure. I knew the odds weren’t all in my favor from almost the very beginning of the race, and I made a decision I in no way regret. I learned a valuable lesson, and I still reached my goal of having a good time with family…it just took me 13.1 miles instead of 26.2 this go around. 🙂

I believe the message of that Facebook post is one that we should all understand…as runners, athletes, and as human beings.

Guilting yourself and putting yourself down won’t help you get closer to your goals. You must always believe in yourself because sometimes you may be the only person who does believe in you. Just because something doesn’t work out how you want the first time doesn’t mean it will go wrong next time. Set goals, make a plan to help you reach those goals, and keep trying until you get exactly what you want out of it.

The only way you can truly fail is to give up. Take the disappointments, the mess ups, and the curve balls and treat them as a lesson. There are lessons to be learned in every stumble…just look for them. 🙂


When failing isn’t failure

Hello from Las Vegas! Last night was the event that brought me to Vegas in the first place…the Rock n Roll Marathon race series. If you’ve been following along you’ve heard by now that I have been planning this marathon for quite sometime. Well…it didn’t exactly go as planned.


I posted the photo above on Instagram right before I headed to the start line. I love it because it is so very true. “The outcome is uncertain.” What a statement that is. It rang very true for me last night…

After spending the first two days walking around more than I should have I spent yesterday resting and staying off my feet as much as possible before heading to the start line. Everything was good. My fueling was on point. My hydrating throughout the day couldn’t have been more perfect. I was ready…then I got to the start line. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis played a live concert while I was stretching and warming up which was awesome energy! I kept having a lot of trouble getting my quads loose, but I was hoping they’d give in once I started running. Boy was I wrong. The weather was cold with wind gusts causing it to feel about 41* by the time I crossed the finish line. I wasn’t prepared for that and expended a lot of energy waiting in the start corral shivering…which only led to tighter quads! Finally we took off running and things felt good. My breathing was under control within the first mile, I was hitting my mile markers under my cutoff times, and I was definitely enjoying the view as I ran along the strip with tons of people cheering. My quads still weren’t loose, but they were moving at least. By mile 8 I was using every ounce of strength to put one foot in front of the other as my quads finally had enough and started cramping. Luckily the cutoff for the half marathon was at mile 9. I made a very touch decision on the fly to pull myself off the marathon course. With a five hour cutoff time I knew I wouldn’t make it with my quads cramping so early, and I wasn’t about to go home without crossing a finish line. It may not have been the finish line I planned, but I did cross the half marathon finish line somewhere around 2:45:00. It was far from my best time, but I wasn’t setting any expectation on this race in the first place.


There will always be a little disappointment with having to admit I can’t do something, but I can’t honestly say I failed. The goal for this race was to have fun with my family, enjoy a mini getaway in Vegas, and have an opportunity to run the strip. I can proudly say I met that goal because I’ve had a blast this weekend, so my failure really isn’t a failure at all.

Vegas may have won by half, but I have 3 weeks of recovery to try this marathon thing again back home on a course I’m very familiar with. The California International Marathon has been my end goal all year, so I’m thankful I’ve learned to listen to my body and was able to stop and not cause an injury so close to the last race of 2014. Time to shift focus to recovery and kick some booty back in Sactown!

And the only way I won’t finish that one is if they cart my unconscious body off the course.

Almost Go Time…


I’ve been in Vegas for 32 hours now, and my what an adventure it’s been so far! For the first time ever I actually remember all 32 of those hours haha! Yesterday was filled mostly with a nine hour car ride, but today has been much more exciting.

We all needed to stretch out after being in the car so long yesterday, so we took off exploring the strip after dinner last night. This is the first time I’ve been here with my dad and had to show him a few of my favorite places as soon as possible. He’s also somehow managed to be the lucky one on slots so far as well.

Today after finally taking a spin on the roller coaster at New York New York we took a ride on the newest attraction in Vegas…a half hour long ferris wheel ride topping off at 550 feet above the strip. That’s quite possibly one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. Maybe Vegas sober isn’t so bad after all…


The view from my bed


View from the top

I also picked up my race goodies at the expo today, and made a BIG change…


Bye bye Nike…hello Garmin!

So excited to get home and get used to my new watch! My Nike sportwatch has been giving me fits off and on lately, and with all the improvements Garmin has I couldn’t not give it a shot.


Packet has been picked up…


Race day outfit picked out…

One more day until go time! Ready to see the strip and Las Vegas from a whole new view!



One of my absolute favorite things about living in Sacramento is that I’m a short drive away from the beach in one direction and the mountains in another. Anytime I want to get out of town for a day I definitely have options. Today I chose the ocean view.


Since I’m tapering down for my marathon next weekend I’ve been doing a lot more cross training and short runs, so today I wanted to take my cross training somewhere different. I started out with a nice 3 mile walk across the Golden Gate bridge and back. I was pleasantly surprised the fog had already lifted by the time I made it into the city, so I had the best of views for my walk.


There are several hiking trails that take off from the bridge overlook parking area, so after walking back from the bridge I headed down the bluffs to the beach on a short, easy hike to finish off my workout.



There’s just something about an ocean view that puts my world back into perspective. I had a little fun practicing my yoga poses and refocusing once I got down to the beach.



It was a beautiful day to play in the bay, and I’m more ready than ever for next Sunday’s race now. I tend to freak out a little as marathon time gets close, so a little ocean view was just what I needed the weekend before. I’m ready to tackle Vegas next weekend!


Oh yeah…if you’ve been following you may have noticed I look a little different. After 5 years I said goodbye to my blonde locks and joined the dark side earlier this week! I’ve gotten lots of comments about looking like my mom since then, and I think that’s a pretty darn good compliment 🙂


Bye bye blondie!

Taper mode: ON

One of my favorite times of training is taper time. One of my favorite times of the year (especially for running) is fall. I dislike when the two happen at the same time! Sacramento is FINALLY having some cool, crisp, fall weather, and all I want to do is run!!!! I have a 3 mile training run on the agenda for tomorrow and can’t wait to be off work to get outside and go.


Taper time makes me restless because I actually miss all the time and miles. It makes me feel like a horse about to be let out of the gate at the Kentucky Derby, so I’m ready for race day!

I do really enjoy the rest that comes with tapering though. After all the miles and hours spent on weekends tackling long runs it feels nice to have the energy and time to do some things I really enjoy aside from running. This past weekend was my first without a long run in a few months, so I headed up to Apple Hill to soak in a little fall air and enjoy the last of the pumpkin patches. I indulged a little bit and had an apple donut, slice of apple pie, and of course plenty of hot cider (okay maybe I indulged more than a little). 😉


I mean really? How could I say no?!


It doesn’t look pretty, but it was delish!

I also indulged in a little Halloween fun with family and friends on Friday evening. I don’t drink a month before a marathon, so I enjoyed being the only sober person at the party (no really I had a blast!) and made sure my friends all made it home safe. I was surprised at how entertaining it is to watch the night progress, and I also learned I’m equally as terrible at beer pong when I’m sober.

All in all it was a pretty good, relaxing weekend, but I was looking forward to getting back in the gym today. I eased into the week with a cross training day on the bike followed by an hour yoga class. It felt nice to stretch out and relax after a busy Monday in the office, and bright and early tomorrow morning I’ll be back at it with a light leg day just to keep them strong and ready for race day.

9 more days until I’m headed to Vegas, and only 13 days until I’ll be running the strip for marathon #2! I can’t wait to share more of my journey as it goes!