Whole30 Check-in: day 29

I can’t believe tomorrow is the last day finally! I’m so excited to accomplish something that I wasn’t sure I could do on day 1.

It’s helped me refocus and realize how much more important it is to eat good foods versus counting calories so much. Obviously your intake is important to staying on track or losing weight, but eating 300 calories of veggies and good protein is better than 300 calories wasted on a Starbucks drink. I also never realized how much added sugar is in EVERYTHING! I’ve even figured out I can go out to eat and not blow my hard work by ordering junk. There are healthy options, and every place I’ve gone to has been willing to make modifications as they can to help me out. It’s all just a matter of being willing to ask. 🙂

Since tomorrow is Saturday and I’m not sure what I’ll be up to I took my “after” photos this morning.


I did cheat once. Whole30 rules state no scale, but I hopped on the scale day 15 to see my half way progress. At that point I had lost 5.2 pounds. I am waiting until Sunday to weigh again, but I don’t feel like I’ve lost anymore weight (which is fine because I didn’t do this so much to lose weight). Not a big change, but I am noticing subtle differences that no one else will probably see. My clothes fit better, and I feel so much better. I never got that afternoon burst of energy some people talked about, but I did notice I haven’t had an afternoon crash. I feel like I have a more steady stream of energy all day long, and that’s one thing I loved most about this experience. That’s also what’s encouraging me to stay on track with the habits I’ve picked up this past month.

As a distance runner Whole30 isn’t something I feel I can maintain long term, so I’m planning to follow it with the exception of allowing myself brown rice, quinoa, or whole wheat bread. I do want to continue cutting the starchy carbs and watching my sugar and dairy intake, and I plan to allow myself a weekly cheat day. The hardest part of this process was knowing I couldn’t eat something, so I’m hoping allowing myself that cheat will also help me want it less.

One more day of Whole30 eating tomorrow and then an epic cheat day for the annual Super Bowl party! I’m excited to get to eat a few treats, but I know how I’ll feel groggy and stuffed after so it won’t be long before I’m ready to get back to my healthier Whole30 gained habits!

Thanks for following along and helping me stay accountable this month! 🙂


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