30 for 30: Races 3, 4, & 5


So as of yesterday…Super Bowl Sunday (aka the best day of the year) I’m officially 1/6th of the way finished with my 2016 goal!  My other goal to write about previous said goal is slightly less successful.  Ha!

These last few races have been small, local runs, so I haven’t had too much to say about them.  I’ve been struggling a lot with getting back in my running groove this year, and races 3 and 4 were certainly nothing amazing considering they were closer to my slowest 5k times than my fastest ones.  I’m not sweating that though…I realize I took more time off over the holidays than I ever have in the past, so I knew I was setting myself up for a struggle getting back on track.

There isn’t much to say about those two races other than they kept me accountable, made me lace up my running shoes, and were an enjoyable (sometimes painful) part of this lovely journey that is my 29th year!  Of course here’s the obligatory photo for those races:

Race 3/30:  Resolution Run 5k


One really nice thing about this one is that it was ran on a part of the bike trail and downtown Sacramento area that I train on regularly.  Typically I hit this area of the bike trail about 6 miles away from my front door, so it was enjoyable to see it at shorter mileage for once. 🙂

Race 4/30:  Fresh Start 5k


This was a new race and a whole new area of Sacramento I’ve never explored on foot before.  It was certainly a nice change of scenery, and it benefited a great cause.  Race entry fees went to support Sober Grad Night for the high school hosting the run, and all of the volunteers running the race were students from the school.  It was a really neat sight to see them all waking up early on a Saturday morning to put on a fundraising event that their parents weren’t doing all the work for them.

And last but not least, a personal favorite of mine…

Race 5/30: Super Sunday 10k


I’m a daddy’s girl to the bone, so I have a deep passion for sports…especially football and my Packers!  Super Bowl Sunday is one of my favorite days of the year, and I love getting up to pre-burn those Super Bowl party snacks with a 10k every year!  My team may not have been in, but I was still sporting my green and gold proudly!

This race was a great one for me.  I mentioned earlier I’ve been struggling this year getting back into running, but yesterday’s run has me feeling back on track and ready to rock the rest of these races!  I was sick all week before this one, so I had no expectation of how it would go, but my breathing was good, my legs felt great…it just all worked.  It lets me know those tough runs and workouts in the gym are working, and even though I’m not where I was I’m getting there.

Race 7 comes up in 5 short days, and hopefully it’ll be another one in the right direction!