30 for 30: 7 Down, 23 to go!

Two more races have officially been checked off the schedule!  Both races were shorter distances for me, but they were both also two of the strongest races I’ve ran in about 5 months.  I struggled coming back from taking a longer break than usual at the end of last year, but these two races finally having me feeling like I’m back on my A game!  I can’t WAIT to see what the next ones will bring!

6/30:  Valentine Run 4 mile

This is actually one of a very few races I don’t run every year.  I’ve only ran this one once before, 4 years ago while training for my first half marathon.  Back then this race fell perfectly into the start of my half marathon training, so it became the first 4 miler I ever ran.  Before I did this race 4 years ago I’d never run further than a 5k.  That day was exciting for that reason alone.  Going back 4 years later I conquered this course about 12 minutes faster than I did that first time, set a new 4 mile PR, and felt a million times stronger.  I finally felt like the work I’ve been putting in the last month and a half was starting to pay off, and it got me excited for what was coming up eight short days later.  Running motivation at it’s finest!


7/30:  Davis Stampede 5k

Next up was a race I swore I’d never run again.  Two years ago I ran the half marathon course for this race and ended up walking away with a hip injury that took me out for a month.  It should’ve probably sidelined me a little longer, but, hey, I’m stubborn and was ready to run.  I decided to finally go back and tackle a shorter course for my return.  I had a GREAT race!  I crossed the finish line just about a minute shy of breaking my 5k PR.  That’s the closest I’ve been since I set that PR two years ago.  The more I run longer distances the harder 5ks seem to be for me, so I was super excited to even be close!


Now that March is upon us my races are moving into half marathons and starting to get a little busier, but I’m excited to see how much further this journey is going to take me!  So far it’s been a bit of a bumpy ride, but it’s all starting to smooth out and just become fun! 🙂



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