CIM 12.7.14

Hello blog world! Man I’ve been seriously slacking on my posts lately! So what’s happened since my last post? Well let’s see…I’m a year older as of 2 weeks ago, and I finished my second marathon. Now I’m busy getting ready for Christmas that completely snuck up on me this year!

Ok, so back to that marathon thing… When I ran the CIM last year (my first marathon) it was 21 degrees at start time (burrr), but I’m happy to report that start time this year was a toasty 48 degrees! It made for a much better start and run overall I must say. The first time around I finished at 6:06:28 after a hamstring cramp at mile 17 and hobbling the rest of the way in. This year…no cramping! I came across the finish line with a monster PR of 21 minutes with an official time of 5:45:43.

I’m so happy to see the improvements my body has made over the past year. It’s hard to compare this race to that race, but one thing I love about running the same race each year is being able to actually compare and judge my progress on the same course. It’s also nice to see the strength in my legs help me recover quicker this year, so I’m happy to know all my hard work over the past 12 months really paid off.

This was my running partner’s first marathon, so I had a blast being able to run with her. She asked me about a year and a half ago to take her out on a run to help her get back into shape. That very first run she couldn’t even make it through a mile, so being able to watch her improve from there has been the best part. I’ve always wanted to be able to inspire others, and I feel truly honored that she trusted me enough to listen to my advice and training guidance to help her accomplish such a huge goal. Not much can compare to crossing that marathon finish line for the first time, but getting to do it a second time with someone I’ve seen get stronger and more confident every day was pretty dang close!

Here are a few pics from race day…

cim expo
One thing I was really disappointed about with the Nike Women’s Half in SF earlier this year was not being able to snap a pic with my name on the window in Union Square because it was so busy. I was really excited the CIM decided to do their own little version of that this year, and I had to have a pic of my name up there with all the others!

cim proof
This is probably my favorite finish line photo ever! I couldn’t be happier to have taken every step from training runs to 26.2 miles next to this lady!

cim finish
I love the smile on her face! So proud to have been apart of her journey, and so grateful my brother was at the finish line to catch the best part of any race…the finish line hug. Because sweaty hugs are the best kind 🙂

cim medal
And last but not least the bling proudly displayed alongside my other race medals.

It’s safe to say that even over a week later I’m still rocking a pretty mean runner’s high. I felt overwhelmed with my accomplishment the first time around, but the second time was even better being able to see so much improvement in myself over the year.

My 2014 racing season has officially come to an end, but I’m already planning ahead for 2015. My goal for next year is to back off the racing schedule a little bit and focus on particular races and getting faster. Next up on the agenda is the Shamrock’n Half here in Sacramento coming up in March. I know the course well, so I KNOW I can finally take down that half marathon PR that’s been standing for too long! I also already have the San Francisco Marathon on the 2015 schedule, and I’ve heard I’m going to be running the CIM again as well. So after a week off from running, workouts, and healthy eating I’m officially back to training next Monday!

After all that 2014 brought I can’t wait to see what 2015 holds for me. So until next time….! 🙂


It’s all about perspective.

I ran across the post below on a Facebook page I follow earlier today. After the way my marathon attempt ended on Sunday it was a refreshing thing to read, so I wanted to share it with others.


I never looked at Sunday as a failure. I knew the odds weren’t all in my favor from almost the very beginning of the race, and I made a decision I in no way regret. I learned a valuable lesson, and I still reached my goal of having a good time with family…it just took me 13.1 miles instead of 26.2 this go around. 🙂

I believe the message of that Facebook post is one that we should all understand…as runners, athletes, and as human beings.

Guilting yourself and putting yourself down won’t help you get closer to your goals. You must always believe in yourself because sometimes you may be the only person who does believe in you. Just because something doesn’t work out how you want the first time doesn’t mean it will go wrong next time. Set goals, make a plan to help you reach those goals, and keep trying until you get exactly what you want out of it.

The only way you can truly fail is to give up. Take the disappointments, the mess ups, and the curve balls and treat them as a lesson. There are lessons to be learned in every stumble…just look for them. 🙂

Luck of the Draw


I typically always write the workouts through the week for my running partner and I. I guess she figures I’ve been at it long enough I know what I’m talking about, and we are both getting stronger so it must be working. 🙂

This week I got a little “lazy” and didn’t feel like writing a workout for today, so I reached back in the archives and found this bad boy. I’m a big fan of The Biggest Loser, and a few seasons ago Bob Harper used a variation of this workout for his team. I tried it about a year ago and couldn’t finish the deck of cards. Today I’m proud to say my workout buddies and I all made it through with almost 20 minutes left on the clock.

I was dripping in sweat and completely exhausted, but I have some major goals to accomplish and have to work on controlling my heart rate to reach those goals. Plyometrics is an excellent way to do this and change it up from running and track workouts to improve speed and agility.

So here’s how it works if you want to give it a go:

First, pick 4 exercises (think full body). Match each one to a suit in a deck of cards, and start drawing cards. The number on your card is the number of reps for whichever suit/exercise combo. I put a 45 minute time cap on our workout to see how far we could get. We finished the deck, so next time I’ll bump the time up to 20-30 minutes to see how much we’ve improve.

It’s a safe bet (ahhh see what I did there?) you’ll bust a sweat, but I promise you’ll feel like a badass once you make it through!

Oh and if you’re wondering….That’s 93 reps per suit…for 372 reps total! Have fun 🙂