SacTown Run Around!

Hello again!

I just got home from running a 10 mile race (actually Starbucks but that’s not the point) here in good ol’ Sacramento!  My running partner is out of town this weekend, so I decided earlier this week to sign up for the Credit Union SacTown 10 that was going on to make sure I got my 9 miles of training in while she was away.  It worked because I drug my butt out of bed and headed off to the Capitol grounds bright and early this morning!

Unfortunately I don’t have any photos because I decided to run phone-less today and disconnect.  My dad actually played cheerleader/water boy/photographer and biked the course while my stepmom and I ran, so I didn’t actually end up running solo like I thought I was going to.

It was a perfect morning to run.  A little chilly waiting around the start line but it didn’t take long to warm up!  The course changed this year after an incident with a train coming through the middle of the course about a mile in last year, so there was a new 5 mile course and the 10 turned into a double loop of that 5 mile route.  I was actually kind of dreading that double loop, but it really wasn’t so bad especially since it wound through some of my favorite areas to run around Sactown!

I ended up walking away with a 2 minute PR over my fastest 10 miler and over 5 minute PR from this same race last year (that may have been something to do with there not being a train in the way this time!), and I’m slowing inching closer and closer to finally tackling that long standing half marathon PR.  I know it will come eventually, so I’m just going to keep working hard until I finally see it happen!

No more races on the schedule for me for awhile, but as of this week I’m officially back in marathon training to prepare for the San Francisco Marathon in July.  I can’t wait to be able to cross that one off the bucket list! I’m sure you’ll all be hearing from me soon as all those training runs start getting longer and longer!

So until next time…


Whole30 Challenge: Day 1

Happy 2015!


One of my goals for this year was to start it off by completing the Whole30 challenge (see my previous post if you want to know more), and today officially marks day 1 of my 30. After doing my grocery shopping yesterday I think this is going to be a little easier than I thought. It’s definitely going to be a challenge no doubt, but I’m not feeling as nervous about it as I originally was.

I don’t plan to blog everyday of the challenge, but I do think this is going to help keep me accountable. When I meal prep I prep for the week, and I typically eat the same meals that whole week. Basically it would be really boring seeing the same boring food photos daily, so I’ll spare you the blah-ness! 😉

For the first week I chose to keep my meal prep fairly simple. Breakfast consisted of two eggs, two slices of turkey bacon, and a banana. I haven’t felt hungry in the few hours it’s been since I had breakfast, so I feel like my breakfast choice will work well for me.

Lunch this week is going to be a sauté consisting of sausage, asparagus, mushrooms, and onions. Dinner is pretty basic with a chicken breast (flavored with Mrs. Dash lemon pepper to stay compliant) and a roasted veggie mix of squash, zucchini, and carrots.

I also bought grapes and apples to keep handy in case I need a snack or feel any of my meals need something more to get me through the day. Whole30 is geared towards eating only 3 meals a day, but my schedule between lunch and dinner may be too long to not have a snack. I’m going to try it out and see how I feel, but I’m not going to stress over eating an apple at 2 pm instead of noon if I need to.


With all of my meal prep finished I actually feel pretty excited to see how this goes! I’ll be tracking my daily food (no macro counting, just what I ate and water intake), and I’ll be checking in a few days to update my progress!

Whole30 is obviously a short term goal, but I hope I find some ideas for incorporating long term changes in my eating habits. As for my 2015 long term goals: